Great Chinese Firewall DDOSing websites

We recently got reports from two different small eCommerce related websites who started to see big amounts of traffic originating from Chinese IP addresses which contained the same path as our SDK which is shipped within mobile games, but destined into their ip address.

This made no sense at all.

We of course responded to the hostmasters tickets and assured that we would do everything to find the reason what is causing this, because effectively it looked like we were sending a distributed denial service attack against these websites.

After some googling we found out first this post: and then this better blog which described exactly what we had seen.

So what’s going on is that if an url is blocked by the Chinese firewall the firewall DNS will respond with another ip which goes into another working website instead of the ip where it should go. According to the blog post the motivation might be that China wants the users to think that everything is working by sending them to another webpage. Too bad that it ends up causing a lot of harm into innocent admins all around the world.

Currently we are looking to change our systems to direct the Chinese users into another CDN host which aren’t affected, but as the previous Chinese firewall problem was just a couple of months ago I don’t see any way to easily fix this issue for good.