I’ve just deployed a Raspberry Pi into our summer cottage to function as a general purpose home automation and internet access point. This allows visitors to connect to internet via wifi and also enables remote administration, environmental statistics and intrusion alerts. Parts: Raspberry Pi, 4GB memory card PiFace Digital (for motion sensors and heating connection, not […]

MongoDB has an internal profiler, but it’s often too complex for a quick statistics to see what kind of queries the database is getting. Luckily there’s an easy way to get some quick statistics with tcpdump. Granted, these examples are pretty naive in terms of accuracy, but they are really fast to do and they […]

19.04.2013 (April 19, 2013)

How to establish and run a techops team

As a company grows, there comes a point when it’s no longer feasible that the founders and programming gurus keep maintaining the servers. Your clients are calling in the middle of the weekend just to tell that a server is down and you didn’t even notice. Sounds familiar? It’s time you spin up the TechOps […]

Osana valtionhallinnon avoimen datan hanketta Maanmittauslaitos avasi vihdoin arkistonsa kaiken kansan nähtäville. Ehkä mielenkiintoisin näistä on Maastotietokanta, joka sisältää eritellysti yhtenä valtavana tietokantana kaikki Maanmittauslaitoksen kartoittamat yksityiskohdat maastosta. Kiipeilijät ovat pitkään etsineet uusia potentiaalisia kiipeilypaikkoja selailemalla karttoja, mutta voisiko hommaa helpottaa? Maanmittauslaitos määrittelee Kiven seuraavasti: Yli 2.5 m korkea tai yleisesti tunnettu tai vähäkivisellä seudulla […]

I’m running a MongoDB 2.2 cluster in Amazon EC2 consisting of three machines. One of these machines is used to take hourly snapshots with LVM and EBS and I noticed a rare bug which leads to silent data corruption on the restore phase. I’m using Rightscale to configure the machines with my own ServerTemplate, which […]

As part of my LifeArchive project, I had to verify that I have sufficient methods to back all my valuable assets so well that they will last for decades. Sadly, there isn’t currently any mass media storage available that is known to function for such a long time, and in any way you must prepare for losing a site due to floods, fire and other disasters. This post explains how I solved my backup needs for my entire digital legacy.

Remember the moments when you, or your parents, found some really old pictures buried deep into some closet and you instantly get a warm and fuzzy feeling of memories? In this modern era of Cloud Services, we’re producing even more personal data which we want to retain. Pictures form your phone and your DSLR camera, documents […]

20.01.2013 (January 20, 2013)

Cheap NAS with ZFS in HP MicroServer N40L

I only recently learn about the HP MicroServer product family. HP has been making these small little servers for a few years and they are really handy and really cheap for their features. I bought a HP MicroServer N40L for just 242 euros.

I have a fairy typical setup where I have nginx in front of haproxy, where nginx is terminating the ssl connections from client browsers. As our product grew, my loadbalancer machines didn’t have enough CPU to do all the required ssl processing. As this zabbix screenshot shows, the nginx takes more and more cpu, until […]

16.10.2012 (October 16, 2012)

Change terminal title in os x

If you’re like me, you’ll have a terminal with dozen or so tabs open and you can’t remember which tab was which. The problem is even more annoying when you have some programs running on each tab and you can’t differentiate them. By adding this oneliner to your ~/.bash_profile you can set the title for […]

We’re big fans of opensource community here at Applifier. So much, that we believe that opensourcing software components and tools developed in house will result in better quality, increased cost savings and increased productivity. Here’s why:

We finished our climbing trip video to Lofoten, Norway. Check it out at my youtube channel:


02.02.2012 (February 2, 2012)

Fix accidentally misclick putty paste with irssi

Tired of pasting a bunch of lines into your irssi by a right mouse button misclick? Well, no more! Set these two irssi settings and irssi will ask you every time if you try to paste an entire line, or more. /set paste_detect_time 5msecs /set paste_verify_line_count 1 /save And that’s it!

20.01.2012 (January 20, 2012)

Adding new storage tank with diskmap.py.

We recently added a bunch of Western Digital 3.0TB Green drives to the enclosure, so that we can run a bunch of tests with this brand. Here’s a quick recap what I had to do to make these new disks online.

I just recently built a storage server based on Solaris OpenIndiana with SuperMicro 45 disk enclosure. The current configuration can host 84 TB of usable disk space, but we plan to extend this at least to 200TB in the following months. This blog entry describes the configuration and steps how to implement such beast by yourself.

I’ve just deployed a OpenIndiana storage system which uses a SuperMicro JBOD SC847E16-RJBO 45 disk enclosure and an LSI Logic SAS 9205-8e HBA controller with OpenIndiana (build 151a).

19.12.2011 (December 19, 2011)

Kindlen käyttö Suomessa

Kindle on Amazonin erinomainen sähköisten kirjojen lukulaite, jonka saa tilattua Amazonin verkkokaupasta reilun sadan euron hintaan. Jenkkimatkalla Kindlen voi noustaa itselleen noin 70 euron hintaan…

03.09.2011 (September 3, 2011)

ReaktorDevDay presentation online

I’ve just uploaded my Pitfalls and Lessons Learned with node.js presentation slides from #ReaktorDevDay 2011 to http://www.juhonkoti.net/media/reaktordevday-juhomakinen-nodejs-2011-09-02.pdf.

12.05.2011 (May 12, 2011)

Frontend Finland Presentation online

I had the privilege to do a presentation at yesterdays (2011-05-11) Frontend Finland event. Thanks for everybody who had the time to listen my presentation even when the time was a bit late. I’ve uploaded my slides so you can download them (PDF). Remember to check our career page if you would like to work with […]

I’ve been experimenting with a Multi Level Security implementation in Windows 7 using VirtualBox and VMLite to run Chrome and other browsers inside a virtual machine (guest system) and to use this browser as the default browser for the entire computer (host system) for additional security.