The “Apple Experience” in reality – first four hours with my new iPod

Problems with my new iPod:ipod-nano

  1. Apple didn’t supply my gsm number to TNT, so that the courier could not contact me for delivery (The courier needs to call me to my GSM to deliver anything to us, there’s no doorbell)
  2. iTunes does not find my iPod (in my Windows XP machine with all updates)
  3. After three hours of googling and fixing, iTunes finally finds my iPod
  4. iTunes says that my iPods software is faulted and it needs to be reseted (which does not help)
  5. Ok, iTunes in my MacBook does find iPod without any problems, except that I don’t store my music files in my MacBook
  6. I can share my music from my PCs iTunes to the iTunes in my Mac, but iTunes does not allow to sync those to my iPod.
  7. I can mount my windows share to MacBook and import them to iTunes BUT iTunes tries to copy every single of them to the harddisk of MacBook.

Why I can’t just plug iPod to my windows machine, see it as an USB disk and copy my music there with explorer?