Multiple monitors in desktop – is two monitors enough?

Daniel (the author of Daily Blogging Tips) inspired me to write about my current desktop setup and in particular the multihead setup I’ve got. Currently I got three TFT displays (see the related image) and I just love it. I do a lot of image processing, programming, video editing and audio multitrack mastering and the three displays help a lot to increase my productivity.

But tripleheadthere’s more about it: I’ve found out that normally I don’t bother to power up the left display and I just use two out of three displays. Buying a second display increases productivity a lot but buying 3rd display doesn’t increase it that much. One of my friend has also three displays and he has found out the same: normally he uses only two of them.

What do you think? Does three displays increase productivity just as much as buying the second display? Is two displays enough for most of the daily tasks?

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