OpenSolaris network performance problems with Intel e1000g network card

OpenSolaris 2008.11 has a faulted e1000g driver which results in very poor upload performance: download speeds are around 400Mbit/sec but upload speed is just about 25Mbit/sec with 1Gbps link.

There’s a workaround which involves getting older version of the driver, or user could install SXCE snv_103 (bug report here)

Instructions to apply the workaround:

  1. Download ON BFU Archives (non-debug) from older distribution
  2. Unpack the archive (bunzip2 and tar)
  3. Unpack the generic.kernel package (in archives-nightly-osol-nd/i386) with cpio -d -i generic.kernel
  4. Create new Boot Environment (read more about this from here): beadm create opensolaris-e1000gfix
  5. Mount the new environment mkdir /mnt/be and beadm mount opensolaris-e1000gfix /mnt/be
  6. You need to copy these three files into respecting places UNDER /mnt/be/: kernel/drv/e1000g  (to /mnt/be/kernel/drv/e1000g), kernel/drv/e1000g.conf and  kernel/drv/amd64/e1000g
  7. Make the new BE active: beadm activate opensolaris-e1000gfix
  8. Boot and hope for best :)

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